Sunday, May 15, 2011

Homeschooling Multiple Kids at the Same Time

Many homeschoolers belong to large families, but even moms teaching just two children can be challenged by the needs of each child being so different. This is especially a problem if both kids need lots of one-on-one time to accomplish their work. The problem only worsens if a baby or toddler needs mom’s attention too. What’s a busy homeschooling mom to do?

The more kids you have, the more difficult this will be; there’s really no way around that fact. If your children are close in age, you may be able to adapt the curriculum to meet both of their needs at the same time. You could also move toward getting your kids to work more independently so you aren’t needed as much. In fact, there are some types of curricula more flexible on this point than others. Unit studies, for example, tend to be very adaptable to different ages, and of course computer programs encourage independent work. If you can get one child set up on a computer project, you’ll have time to help another with their math assignment.

Solving your problem might be as easy as scheduling a reading assignment for one child during the other child’s geography lesson, or having one child work on their own with a handwriting workbook while you do math with their sibling. Some subjects lend themselves more easily to independent work, and you can take advantage of that in your planning.

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