Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems cursive handwriting, well actually, any handwriting is slowly slipping away in today’s world of rapid technology. Computers have word processors to help us write stories and reports, email has taken the place of snail mail, texting is overcoming talking on the phone.

Kids today must have a solid foundation in keyboarding skills if they want to compete in the job market. More and more kids begin keyboarding in kindergarten. I didn’t take typing until I was a freshman in high school. Wow! Times have surely changed.I thought I was in high cotton because I learned to type on an electric typewriter rather than a manual one. Most kids today have no idea what a manual typewriter even looks like. Ha HA

There are lots of great free keyboarding game sites on the Internet. Set up a schedule for your child to include this important skill in their homeschool lessons.

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