Saturday, July 7, 2012


Patriotism means love and devotion to one's country. There are many ways to show patriotism, so it is important to make sure kids understand the basics.

  • Define patriotism in their language
  • Learn about the American flag, look for flags in your town, and learn how to fold a flag
  • Invite a veteran to talk to your child and share stories from their past.
  • Read the Declaration of Independence to your child. Have him pretend he is starting his own country. Tell him to and try writing his own Declaration of Independence.
  • Read through the Bill of Rights and discuss why they think our founding fathers thought these rights were important. Develop a Bill of Rights for your home.
  • Learn about voting rights and make a pretend voter’s registration card.
  • Discuss immigration. Trace your family tree.
  • Sing patriotic songs together. Write down the lyrics and discuss what they mean. Write your own patriotic song.
  • Learn what the words to the the Pledge of Allegiance mean.
  • Write a thank you card to a soldier.

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