Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

As a new year begins, I try to take this time to evaluate how our school year has been going to this point.  Are things working out as I had hoped or do we need to make a mid-year change to any of our curriculum options?  Regardless of how much I like the product or how much I may have spent on it, if it’s not working for us, it’s not something I want to continue to use in our homeschool.

How is your teaching going with plans you made at the start of the year?  Have you found any adjustments that should be made or changes to curriculum you need perform?  Don’t allow your curriculum to make choices for you.  If you don’t like it or it’s not working, then change it so it does work for your homeschool or put it aside.  You are the boss of your homeschool curriculum, not the other way around.  Be sure to keep that in mind when scrutinizing the efficiency of your resources.

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