Friday, July 1, 2011

Homeschooling with a baby or toddler in your way!

How can homeschooling mothers still accomplish their goals for the day with a baby or toddler needing their attention? If you have several children, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with this issue. You can either choose a curriculum that requires very little input from parents, or you can find ways to keep your little one(s) occupied during school time.

You could try conducting lessons with a baby or toddler in your lap, while they perhaps play quietly or eat a snack. There could also be a special box of favorite toys that are only allowed out during school time, to keep little hands busy.

Scheduling your day with the hardest subjects for your older kids occurring during the little one’s nap time may also work. If they take several naps a day, take advantage of it, even if only temporarily. This idea could also be combined with an early bedtime too, by doing math with your 4th grader during the baby’s nap and sitting down for a quick spelling lesson after the baby is in bed, for example. Some desperate parents may opt to put on a cartoon for toddlers, at least for a little while so you can accomplish something with an older child before turning your attention back to the younger set. Used in moderation, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

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