Friday, July 15, 2011

Using Holidays in Homeschooling

Most families use a planned curriculum of some kind, or at least plan their own several weeks in advance. But you’ve probably got a little time here or there where you can fit in some activities about upcoming holidays, and doing so will add a little spice to the day for your kids.

The big holidays are easy enough. Spend an afternoon making Christmas cards or valentines with your kids, or maybe preparing some green food to eat on St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone will appreciate a change of pace from the usual math, reading, and science, and a short activity interspersed with regular schoolwork can really help to make the day pass more quickly. Arranging a few arts and crafts projects around holiday themes is a great way to mark the time, and even teach the kids about calendars. Counting down how many days until Easter gives everyone something to look forward to.

Some often-overlooked holidays are the smaller ones, and they can be even more fun! How about Flag Day, Columbus Day, or Presidents’ Day? There’s lots of potential there for craft projects and learning activities. Kids will also enjoy celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday and reading his books while eating a breakfast of green eggs and ham! Sometimes the more insignificant holidays can be the most fun!

Some sites have great seasonal or holiday learning resources.

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