Monday, August 1, 2011

Homeschooling Year-Round

The first several weeks of public school each fall are spent reviewing the previous year’s material, and this trend is evident in some homeschooling curricula as well. So while some school districts have gone to year-round schooling just to help eliminate the expense of empty buildings and downtime in the summer, you have to wonder if maybe some of them figured out it was more efficient for the kids too! Kids learn better in a continuous fashion, not with starts and stops in their education.

Homeschoolers have wonderful flexibility in their schedules. Sometimes it may be necessary to take some time off due to family issues, or travel, or maybe just whenever that burned out feeling sets in and everyone needs a break. It’s much easier to take some occasional time off when you’re not worried about falling too far behind, and if you’re homeschooling year-round, you have plenty of buffer time to allow for breaks.

Of course, some of those breaks ought to be in the summer so your kids can still enjoy the typical summertime activities like swimming, setting up a lemonade stand, and of course, family vacations. Homeschooling year-round is a low-stress way to make sure you can accomplish a year’s worth of schoolwork and still have plenty of time off when your family needs it.

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  1. You know what is really motivating....If you homeschool during the summer months but then take a month off in the fall to travel.

    It's a real feeling of liberty to be out-of-school in October. Plus, there's nobody else in line at the Washington Monument or where-ever.

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