Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who is the Teacher?--

One way for kids to have more ownership in their lessons and retain more of what you teach them is to let them be the teacher once in a while. My daughter loves it when we I let her do this.

Sometimes after she has read a story, I have her make a test for Mom to take. She doesn’t show much mercy to me either. I had a little trouble on one test. I can still see her face as she giggled about me missing some of the questions. What I got out of this was the ability to measure her comprehension of what she read. In order for her to make a good test for me, she had to know about what she read. I was impressed with the difficulty of her questions.

You can also let an older child teach a concept they are good at to a younger sibling. Let them make the lesson plans for a younger sibling. Once in a while will not hurt the younger child.

This is a great way to increase retention of lessons being taught and create interest and curiosity before the lesson. Be sure to let your child know they are going to the be teacher before you assign the task of reading and creating a test for you or planning or teaching a lesson to a younger sibling. When they know what is expected, they will do a much better job.

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