Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homeschool Literature

Have you ever wondered if there are any literature books written by homeschoolers. Have you ever wondered if there are any books written about homeschoolers? Well, the answer is yes to both questions. Homeschool is a neat site that has books for and about homeschoolers and homeschooling.

The site offers a directory with reviews by homeschoolers, study guides, and ideas for further study.What a rare jewel that is for homeschooling families. I know that when I told my reluctant reader and writer that Eragon by Christopher Paoloni (one of her favorite books) was written by a homeschooler, it turned her thinking around. She suddenly realized that if he could write a book, she could too! She set out on her writing journey. She hasn’t’ finished her book yet, but what is important to me is that she believes in herself, wants to read more, and has finally realized that writing is not the enemy.

Challenge your child to read about or write about what they are most interested in. Maybe they will write a book and have it featured on Homeschool!

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