Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School Time

Back to school time!  The curriculum has been chosen, supplies have been purchased, and books are ready to go.  The months of planning and preparing have come to fruition and it’s time to get the teaching underway.  

It is definitely exciting when a new school year begins.  The kids are ready to get back to their regularly scheduled programming and I’m ready to have the “I’m bored!” chorus cease!  The newness of school after a few months away bring back refreshed and interested kids, even if it lasts all too brief.  

Embrace the excitement of the new year as it fades faster and faster with each year.  Talk longer if they will listen, read more if they ask, and allow the learning to continue.  Far too soon you will hear the refrain of school time groans creeping back into your homeschool.

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