Monday, October 20, 2014

Nature Studies

We definitely try to incorporate seasonal learning into our homeschool days.  The kids love to talk about autumn and the changes a season bring to us.  I love the opportunity to discuss the nature that surrounds us and how the gorgeous scenery is more than just a beautiful backdrop to our lives.  

We discuss the
balance of nature and how plants and animals will start to adapt the cooling weather.  We take walks and listen to the leaves crunch, the birds fly above us, and the bugs sing their chorus.  It’s a marvelous time to open up discussions on nature related topics and how the life cycle of a tree changes is the same from year to year.  

Take some time to embrace the newness of the fall season and the passing of summer.  Boots and scarves, jackets and bonfires all make this season one full of wonderment.  

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